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What is ART? It’s the visual expression of design.

QuARTz by ACO bathroom drainage solutions inspire creative bathroom planning. The selection of channels and floor wastes allow for the use or elimination of physical barriers within the bathroom floor and can be incorporated into a wide range of designs.

Create art with QuARTz by ACO.


Linear drainage removes compromise; allowing the drain to be positioned not only centrally, but against the wall or as a threshold. The elimination of complex floor grades ensures improved drainage and faster installation by simplifying tiling and eliminating complicated angle cuts.



A 50mm diameter outlet floor waste, designed for use within the shower area. The seven coordinated ShowerPoint and ShowerChannel grate designs allow for complete coordination within the bathroom floor drainage scheme.



A 100mm diameter outlet floor waste, designed for use within the central bathroom floor. CentrePoint allows for coordinated design between ShowerChannel and ShowerPoint to create an entirely coordinated bathroom drainage scheme.

8 Grate Designs
8 Grate Designs

The wide range of grate designs complements personal design preferences and enhances the appearance of the bathroom.

Quartz by ACO grates are based on the latest European design and the range of styles complements bathroom trends and personal preferences.


Matching grate designs for the shower area and central bathroom floor waste create a harmonised scheme and integrated design.

Grates are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure a high quality, stylish finish.

Material finishMaterial finish

Channels and grates are manufactured from electropolished stainless steel. Electropolishing creates a shiny defect-free surface, which minimises cleaning and maintenance for a high class finish.

The textured appearance of the grate is visible and helps reduce the appearance of finger prints and soap residue.